We’re JEMS Creative Promotions and we want to be your number one resource for branded merchandise and promotional products.



OK so what makes us so special that we deserve your business?

First of all, we are true believers in the power of branding and its role in creating a unique identity for your product or service. When you stop to think about whether to purchase a Mac or a PC, you’ll know what we mean.


We also know that promotional products play a key role in supporting and reinforcing your branding efforts. The research tells us so, and our extensive experience confirms it.


It’s our mission to help you find that perfect product, for whatever your need. It must add value to your brand or make that special occasion even more memorable.


And it’s our passion to make this process not only as painless as possible for you, but also a little fun.


We’re a team with over 50 years experience in promotional products, creative strategies, event planning and branding platforms for clients of all sizes.


And we’re also told that we’re real nice people and others enjoy doing business with us.



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